Traditionally Spanish tappas offers a chance to taste several small dishes as opposed to a single starter, they can also be enjoyed as a light meal



Spinach and mozzarella gnuddi with olio aglio and ciabatta R45


Seared beef short rib, chilli tomato salsa, polenta crisps, fresh herbs R45


Peri peri chicken liversR45


Salt and pepper squid served with lemon aioli R45


Marinated bowl of olives R37


Spicy Ramen noodles with prawns and onion jam R47


Potato gnocchi stuffed and served with basil pesto R45


Mushroom arrancini with turmeric mayonnaise and cashew chutney R45


Slow cooked beef bao bun with Asian dressing R45


Tuna taco with west Indian pepper sauce R45


Dim sum

Steamed stuffed Asian style dumplings with dipping sauces


Chicken dim sum R45


Pulled pork dim sum R45


Mushroom and mozzarella cheese R45


Beef and chilli R45






The Cellar fillet R210

The cellar fillet served with roast butternut, fresh rocket and creamy chermoula sauce finished with potato crisps  


Mysore Chicken  R145 VV

Rolled with cream cheese and spinach with mysore coconut sauce, green chutney, tempura sweet potato, toasted coconut, sautéed cauliflower and fresh dhania


Peachy Pork R190

Slow braised pork belly, with soy glaze, peach chutney, roast onion, citrus basil pesto, white wine jus, roast sweet potato and fresh dhania


Gorgonzola Beetroot Gnochi  R150

Beet gnocchi served in gorgonzola and sage cream with toasted walnuts, beetroot, fresh herbs and lemon gel


Seafood Laksa R230 VV

A beautifully light Indonesian dish served with stir fry vegetables infused coconut broth, mussels calamari and prawns, finished with chili herb oil and fresh coriander


Crispy Asian Duck  R260 VV

Crispy roast duck served with Asian style broth, noodles, vegetables, spiced peanut crumble, roast and marinated peppers finished with lime dressing


Venison Loin R210 VV

Grilled venison with beetroot pure, ketchup manis, green herb oil, potato croquets, wasabi mayonnaise, pickled cabbage and sweet potato crisps


48 hour Beef brisket R190

Served with rich red wine jus, jalapeño celery salsa, sweet potato croquets, onion subise, roast carrot pure finished with lime emulsion


VV – Vegetarian Variant available





The cellar crème brule R70

Delicate baked custard topped with caramelized sugar and served with passion fruit dressing


Smoking Irishman R75

Smoked chocolate mousse with salted seeds, Irish cream foam, vanilla biscuit ice cream, chocolate pocky and intense coffee gel


Blueberry liquorice blintz R75

Blue berry poli, with liquorice ice cream, cream cheese and meringue


Viva La Frais R75

A delicate strawberry mousse with fresh strawberries, lime sago, black pepper ice cream, mint gel and wafer biscuit


Assorted Ice creams R60

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